Welcome to a Better Way to Manage Your Field Service Business

Having your own business is part of the American dream. You are doers and the heartbeat of this country’s economy. You keep the water running, the lights on, and everything in between. This last year has been hard for all, but you were essential and kept showing up every day. Now, it’s time to find a better way to manage your field service business.

You Deserve Support and Solutions to Challenges

Managing a field service business has so many components. It’s a lot of moving parts from estimating to scheduling to dispatching and more. You have to keep relationships with customers and employees organized.

That can be tricky without the right tools. If you’re still using spreadsheets, notebooks, and a little tech, you can do better. You deserve the support of a platform that’s easy to use, keeps you on track, and enables growth.

It’s time to ditch these band-aids and find the right technology that does it all in one spot. Service Raider is the answer.

Software Built by and for Field Service Pros

When we started the journey to build Service Raider, our founders came with the experience of running such a company. But we didn’t just rely on our knowledge. We talked to countless field service company owners to understand their pain points in the day-to-day.

Those experiences and conversations became our core feature offerings:

  • Job management and scheduling
  • Dispatching employees and assignments
  • Customer alerts via SMS
  • Centralized CRM
  • Payment and invoicing with a QuickBooks integration
  • Estimating
  • Managing services and inventory
  • Performance tracking
  • Adding employees with various permission levels

All these features live in the cloud, allowing you to access your account securely from anywhere. Office staff can work from the desktop, while technicians can use the app. We’ve made it super easy to navigate and set up because time is money to you. If you can click, you’ve got it.

The product is also super affordable and scalable. We really wanted to answer the challenges of managing a field service business with less friction and complexity.

We’re Just Getting Started

We’re launching our field service software with core features and functionality, but we’re just getting started. We have a team of innovators and tech experts working on future features that empower you with technology to run a modern field service business.

We can’t wait to also hear from users. Your feedback and evaluations will be part of the future of the Service Raider platform. Your voice matters, and we want to design with your workflows in mind.

Take Your Field Service Business to the Next Level

It’s time to reclaim efficiency and productivity, and you can do with the power of our technology. You can try it for free today; no strings attached. Do it for yourself, your employees, customers, and to build a stronger, more resilient business! Get started now.

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