Set Up Multi-Locations for Your Field Service Business

For companies with multiple locations, you need a solution that enables you to distinguish between your offices. You can configure this to reflect the differences of each site while also having user permissions that allow you to see all operations. 

Owner role permissions have the ability to set up multiple locations. This user type can switch between locations, as each will have its own calendar, dashboard, and other modules. To input a new location into the system, owners would add the regional name, basic information, and time zone. You can assign employees to one or more locations.

Multi-Locations Functionality Gives You the Flexibility and Visibility You Need

Create accounts for each location.

Assign permissions for users to see only one, many, or all.

Switch between locations with ease.

View dashboards for each location.

See jobs and outstanding invoices for each entity.

Manage billing and payouts for each location.

What Our Users Are Saying

What Our Users Are Saying

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