Field Service Customer Notifications Keep Everyone Informed

Customers appreciate a heads-up when your techs are on the way. Customer SMS alerts and emails are the easiest, most convenient way to accomplish this. These notifications pave the way for positive customer experiences.

Customers can receive notifications via text message or email. You can find the configuration for notifications in the settings tab of Service Raider. There are a variety of notifications you can send to a customer, including when the job is created, updated, or ready for payment. They can also receive alerts when the status of the job changes. For each customer, you can access their profile to enable or disable these communications.

Communicate with Customers with Service Raider

Remove frustration from the customer experience.

Choose from many different types of notifications.

Notify by text and eliminate the need for phone calls.

Delight customers by keeping them informed.

Improve customer satisfaction.

Customize what notifications customers receive based on preferences.

What Our Users Are Saying

What Our Users Are Saying

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