Streamline Dispatching with Field Service Dispatching

Dispatching is essential for field service companies. Employees know their schedules and receive alerts for new jobs automatically. Improve field service dispatch workflows with Service Raider.

The dispatching feature is the architecture of how job flow works in the system. Creating a job in the system is fast and simple, and any user can add one. You simply click the add job button and then begin completing the details, which include the customer, job ID, status, lead source, service name, description of the job, materials needed, discounts, the scheduled time, and assignee. Once you save the job, assignees receive an email notification, and the job now appears on the schedule, viewable in the dashboard. 

Dispatching Makes Jobs Simple to Manage

Eliminate paper schedules, emails, and texts.

Update schedules in one step.

Schedule and assign jobs to employees.

Boost productivity and efficiency.

Send notifications to workers on new jobs.

Manage calendaring digitally and reduce confusion.

What Our Users Are Saying

What Our Users Are Saying

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