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Centralize Customer Data with a Field Service CRM

A field service CRM tool is critical for a growing business. It creates one central hub for all your customer data and notes. Using one can significantly improve customer experiences and repeat business.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Using a spreadsheet for customer data only works when you have very few of them. It’s not sustainable for a growing business like yours. It’s time to ditch spreadsheets for good.

Personalizing experiences

With a field service CRM, you can do more than just upload contact details. You’ll be able to view past jobs and other notes. That valuable information can help you personalize interactions so that every customer feels special.

Streamlining marketing efforts

Want to market to your customer base? You can easily download lists from your field service CRM to use in email marketing or direct mail. Based on the notes, you can even segment different types of customers, such as residential vs. commercial. 

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Service Raider offers a set of features that add value to field service companies. We based them on our own experiences in the industry. We designed them with purpose, delivering tools that enable you to organize, simplify, and grow your business!

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