Landscaping Business Software: Your Company in Bloom

Keeping landscapes and lawns healthy is your objective, but can you say the same for how you manage your business? There are so many functions required, from scheduling to dispatching to invoicing. If you’re still using spreadsheets and email, you’ll find it hard to take root and grow. Landscaping business software can change all that, helping your company bloom. 

What Is Landscape Business Software?

First, let’s define what it is we’re discussing. It’s software that helps you run your company. It’s a hub with multiple features around scheduling, dispatching, communication, estimating, and invoicing. All these tools are essential for growth-minded businesses.

Do You Struggle with Scheduling and Managing Jobs?

The most important thing that a landscaping platform can do for you is to provide complete visibility. In a few clicks, you can see your entire calendar, adding and moving jobs as necessary. That’s just not possible with spreadsheets or shared calendars. And if you still have a paper one, then it’s not accessible on the go. 

Field service scheduling enables an easy way to manage your schedule. In addition, it’s dynamic, so updates show up in real-time. The features that you’ll need to have this experience include drag-and-drop calendars, adding descriptions and tags for context, and notification systems. 

Do Your Crews Know Their Schedule?

Unless you have landscaping business software, your crew probably spends time several times a day figuring out where they need to be. With such inefficiency, your team can’t be as productive as they should. Paper schedules can return to where they should—the recycling bin.

Field service dispatching alerts your employees when they receive an assignment. They’ll have all the information they need by looking at the schedule, so there’s no confusion on what the job is and what they need to do it. 

You can finally eliminate back and forth texts and emails. And you may never hear this question again, “What’s my schedule?”

How Well Do You Communicate with Customers?

Customers appreciate knowing when your workers will arrive. Currently, you may send manual updates to them or nothing at all. With software for landscapers, you can send SMS notifications automatically to your customers. It elevates their experience and their perception of your company. 

Is Your Invoice Process Wilting?

Managing your business, employees, and customer expectations is the foundation for landscaping software, but you also need to get paid. The easier you make it for your customer, the better. With invoicing features, you can take payment at the time of job completion. If the customers aren’t home, you can send them a secure link so they can pay online. 

In either situation, all the activity syncs to QuickBooks through an integration. As a result, your invoicing process gets faster, and you won’t have to duplicate accounting tasks either. 

See Your Company Flourish with Landscaping Business Software

If you want to grow and sustain your company, you’ll need technology to help you get there. Choose an application that’s scalable and has a variety of features that fit your needs and workflows. That’s how we designed Service Raider. It does the work behind the scenes, removing administrative and operational burdens. Give it a try today for free!

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