Invoicing Software: How to Get Paid Faster

While you may do a job that you love, you don’t do it for free. Most field service companies struggle with streamlining invoicing and processing payments. That’s either because your system is overly complex, or you’re doing everything manually. What do you need? Invoicing software that makes it easy to get paid faster.

Manual Invoicing Sucks

If you’re still manually invoicing your jobs, then you know what a time drain it is. Then you often have to wait weeks or longer to actually get paid. That can mess with your cash flow, and that’s a bummer. If customers can’t remit quickly online with a credit card, you’re missing out on the convenience factor. Customers expect everything to be digital, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Is Your Invoicing System Overly Complex?

On the other end of the spectrum is companies that use accounting software for invoicing, and it’s overly burdensome. Yes, accounting software is something most small businesses require. Still, it doesn’t have to dictate how you invoice or collect payment. In fact, invoicing software can integrate directly with QuickBooks to keep financials in sync without all the extra admin work.

What Features Should Field Service Invoicing Software Include?

When thinking about field service software features for invoicing, the key is that it has to be simple for you and your customers. You should be able to take credit or debit card payments on the spot and without extra hardware.

Getting paid after the job isn’t always possible. You may have recurring charges for a monthly client or complete work when they’re away. In those cases, what if you could simply take the job details and turn it into an invoice, sending a secure link to pay? That sounds pretty awesome. That’s the kind of functionality you want. Plus, you should be able to send receipts to customers, too.

The other big piece of a great solution is integration with QuickBooks. Once you connect your QuickBooks account to the invoicing system, it should streamline all your accounting. You shouldn’t have to duplicate efforts.

A bonus that belongs in this feature bundle is the ability to create estimates that are branded and professional. From a template, you can click a few times, and it’s ready to send.

Love Getting Paid? Then You’ll Love Service Raider

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