How to Obtain More Google Reviews for Your Home Services Business

How to Obtain More Google Reviews for Your Home Services Business

Think back to the last time you were considering a purchase. Maybe yesterday? The day before? Last year? Or even at this exact moment? What did you do? You likely did what all of us do, which is go directly to Google and run a search for that ‘thing.’ From there, you’ll likely start scrolling through online reviews that past customers have left, taking into account the star rating and what they said about the company of course, but also how MANY reviews that firm has obtained, over what period of time. 

We’re in a digital age and online reviews can make or break a business. Positive Google reviews not only boost your home services business’s reputation but also play a crucial role in attracting new customers. Potential clients often rely on the experiences of others before making a decision, making it essential for your business to have a strong online presence with favorable reviews. Below, we’ll discuss effective strategies to help you obtain more Google reviews for your home services business and enhance your online credibility.

1. Provide Outstanding Service: The foundation of a successful review strategy is delivering exceptional service to your customers. By going above and beyond to meet their expectations, you increase the likelihood of receiving positive feedback. Focus on quality work, promptness, and excellent customer service to leave a lasting impression on your clients. This begins with the initial phone call, followed by the communication with the customer about job status, to clearly communicating pricing and how we price, all the way through to the work being done onsite. 

2. Request Reviews Politely: Many satisfied customers may not think of leaving a review on their own, even if they were pleased with your services. Make it a practice to ask for reviews politely after completing a project. Engage with your customers through follow-up emails or texts, thanking them for their business, and kindly requesting a review on Google if they had a positive experience. Further, doing this prior to leaving the site (if your business alludes to it) always increases your chances of gaining a review.

3. Streamline the Review Process: Make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave a review. Provide direct links or clear instructions on how to write a review on your website, social media profiles, or in your follow-up communications. The easier the process, the more likely they are to leave a review.

For a junk removal company, it would look like this once the job is complete..

  1. “Alright, John. We just finished up here onsite, items are loaded in the truck, and we’re done cleaning up everything around the work space. Is there anything else we can provide to you from here in order to ensure this was a 5-star experience?”
  2. Assuming the customer answers “No, you all were great.”
  3. “Amazing, we greatly appreciate you trusting us. You’ll receive a follow-up text and email from our back office here within the next few minutes. If you feel we provided a 5-star experience, it would mean a great deal to us if you reviewed us online via Google. It’s how other homeowners like yourself find us and keep our business thriving.”

Of course, feel free to wordsmith 😀

4. Timing is Key: Timing your review requests strategically can significantly impact your success rate. Ask for reviews shortly after completing a service, while the experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind. Avoid asking for reviews during busy or stressful times, as this might lead to negative feedback. This ties into point #3 of course, but nonetheless worth noting on its own. If you don’t feel like asking for a review in the field is applicable (for whatever reason), reaching back out later in the evening can actually be fruitful as well, given most customers have less going on later in the evening (much like the rest of us).

5. Incentivize Reviews (Carefully): While offering incentives like discounts or small gifts for leaving a review may seem like a good idea, Google’s review policies strictly prohibit soliciting reviews in exchange for compensation. Instead, focus on providing excellent service and consider running periodic contests or giveaways for all customers to participate in, creating a positive association with your brand.

6. Engage with Existing Reviews: Responding to existing Google reviews, whether positive or negative, shows that you value customer feedback. Acknowledge positive reviews with gratitude and address any negative ones promptly and professionally. And the latter part of this is almost as key as the former.. It is IMPERATIVE that negative reviews get addressed timely, and that you avoid a shouting match with those customers in the comments section of the review itself. Acknowledge the customer in the comment (with professionalism) and ask that they reach out to your customer success department directly so you can discuss further and ensure you get to a mutually beneficial resolution.  Demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction can influence potential clients to trust your business.

7. Leverage Social Media: Promote your Google My Business page and the importance of reviews through your social media platforms. Share positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers, encouraging others to share their experiences as well. Engaging with your followers can increase your chances of receiving reviews from customers who are already following your brand. THAT is the critical piece here.. You can not expect to only “get.” You MUST “give” first, and then give some more, and then some more. And at some point, you can ask. Give to get. What does this mean? It means you follow others and engage with their content, comment on it, like it, and share it. And make your engagements valuable. Give valuable feedback and watch what comes back to you in return.

8. Optimize Your Google My Business (GMB) Profile: Ensure your GMB profile is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. Include relevant information, such as your contact details, service area, working hours, and high-quality images. An optimized GMB profile makes it easier for potential customers to find you and leave reviews.

9. Monitor and Respond to Reviews: Regularly monitor your Google reviews and respond promptly to both positive and negative feedback. Showing that you value customer opinions and are willing to address any issues builds trust with potential clients and demonstrates your commitment to improving your services. This ties into the point above about the give to get. Actually take time to thoughtfully respond to all your customers, even the ones that leave negative reviews. As your next potential customer is scrolling through the reviews, they’ll notice the one “bad” review of hundreds or thousands, they’ll read the review and how you responded, and if done correctly that prospect will applaud you, the business owner, for how you handled it. This is almost BETTER than a 5-star review! 

10. Train Your Staff: If you have employees representing your business, make sure they are trained to provide excellent customer service. Encourage them to ask for reviews and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to facilitate the review process. You should have this built into your standard operating procedure (SOP) for anything your team members are doing.

In conclusion, obtaining more Google reviews for your home services business is not only beneficial for your online reputation but also for attracting new customers. By focusing on exceptional service, polite review requests, and streamlined processes, you can encourage satisfied clients to share their positive experiences. Engaging with existing reviews, optimizing your GMB profile, and promoting reviews through social media will further strengthen your online presence and credibility. Remember that fostering a culture of customer satisfaction and feedback is key to long-term success in the digital world. And lastly – if you want to go the extra mile and really stand out, consider asking customers for video testimonials. We all LOVE a good video! 

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