How to Get More Local Business Reviews

Reviews from customers are critical for field service companies. They provide social proof that your company is reputable, reliable, and delivers high-quality work. These reviews matter when customers are comparing options. A survey found that 87% of consumers read reviews of local businesses. It’s often hard to get customers to give you a review, even when you’ve saved the day. We’re offering some straight talk advice on how to get more local business reviews.

Setting Up a Game Plan to Generate More Reviews

First, there are a few considerations for local business reviews. First, you’ll need to decide where you want people to review you. Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Angie’s List are the most common. You’d probably like reviews on all platforms, but it may be better to focus on a few. Google is going to be the top pick because that displays when people search for your type of business locally.

Also, you have to realize that not every review will be five stars. No matter how awesome your techs are, you can’t please everyone, but you can always respond. And you should! Also, if someone leaves a fake review, you should file a complaint if possible.

Now, how can you get more reviews for your business?

Send Post-Service Emails

Once your team completes a project, send an email to the customer. Make sure it’s simple and short. Ask them to give you a review on your preferred platform with a link. If possible, personalize the email with at least the type of service received. If they don’t respond at first, try hitting their inbox a few more times.

Give Customers a Call

It’s never a bad idea to pick up the phone. It could be you, the owner, someone in your office, or the actual tech. Even if they don’t pick up, leave a quick message saying thanks for the business and asking if they’d mind leaving you a review. Refer to the email, so they can just click from there.

Request Reviews on Social Media Profiles

Social media is another channel to connect with your customers. Consider putting out some posts that ask for reviews. Your customers likely follow you there. It never hurts to ask. As you know, people spend a lot of time on social media, so it’s more way to give them a nudge.

Ask for a Review In-Person

At the end of the job, your tech can bring up a review. They can approach in two ways. One, they could leave a printed takeaway that has instructions on leaving a review. You could use a custom-generated QR code to make it easy. They’d only need to scan with their phone.

Another idea is to ask for a review verbally. You can train your crew on what to say, telling them to emphasize how much reviews mean to small businesses like yours. They could let them know they’ll be sending out an email and to look out for it.

Promote It on Your Website

A review section on your home page is a must for field service companies. Inset a button with “Review Us” that links to the platform of your choice. Make the button stand out, so it’s easy to see. Alternatively, you can embed the Google Review widget on your website. One other place to mention reviews is your website footer. That way, it’s on every page.

Add a “Review Us” Call to Action in Email Signatures

One more idea is to include a button in your email signature. Every email anyone sends will have this in the template, so it will get lots of exposure. Try language like “Leave Us a Review,” then link to the platform.

Get More Local Business Reviews this Year

Following these best practices can help you achieve more local business reviews. It can be an easy win for your company that could ensure new customers choose you.

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