Home Maintenance Subscription Plans: New Revenue Opportunities for Handyman Businesses

Subscriptions are a leading business model for so many products and services. Consumers appreciate this hassle-free way to get what they want or need in a recurring manner. Now it’s time for you to take advantage of this trend. You could find new revenue opportunities by offering home maintenance subscription plans. 

Homeowners always have projects or issues that arise. Some aren’t emergencies but still need attention. Considering that people continue to spend more time at home, these pesky problems are a constant reminder of their to-do lists.

But what if they could just hand that off to you every month? It offers them convenience and ensures more revenue for your business. Here’s how to develop and launch such an offering for your handyman or home maintenance company.

Determine Your Model

There are several options in creating a home maintenance subscription. First, you could sell it as a block of hours per month. You’ll want to pre-schedule these each month, so you account for them on your calendar to ensure no overbooking. 

Another option is to create specific packages that define a range of tasks that you would do monthly. Some of these may be recurring, such as replacing air filters, cleaning vents, or unclogging gutters. 

Don’t go overboard. Keep it simple with three packages that represent the most common jobs you do for customers. You’ll be able to track this using field service software that allows you to tag jobs with keywords. 

Set Pricing

What’s appealing to subscriptions for consumers is that it’s a set price for the service every month. So, you’ll want to promote these offerings with an advertised price. When pricing, you should consider the likely cost of goods, labor, and travel time. 

You want to be competitive in pricing but don’t eat up your margin. You may even decide that parts are extra beyond the package price. That will likely make more sense since that will change with each visit. 

Pricing for the subscription should also have limits. For example, suppose your workers find a significant issue during maintenance care. In that case, you should send an additional estimate to the customer before completing the repairs. 

Promote Your Subscriptions

Once you have the business model and pricing in place, you’ll want to make customers and your service area know all about it. If you have a CRM, use it to gather email addresses and send out a notification.

You can also promote it on social media channels and your website. Paid ads on social media or Google may be an option, too, if that’s in your budget. 

Create a Service Agreement

Once you have a customer who wants to sign up, you’ll need a service agreement that outlines the package type, the frequency of visits, pricing, and inclusions/exclusions. Like any contract you have with customers, you’ll need to include any necessary legal language. 

Launch Your Home Maintenance Subscriptions 

Subscriptions for home maintenance can be a boost to your income. Consumers appreciate the convenience and peace of mind while your company enjoys recurring revenue. To launch these, you’ll need to follow these steps and use field service software to keep your calendar, inventory, communications, and dispatching organized. Learn more about these valuable features available on the Service Raider app. Start your free trial now.

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