Contractor Software for Scheduling and Managing

Put down that hammer for just a minute, and read this post about why you need technology. Contractor software for scheduling and managing jobs could change your life. If you want to streamline running your business, you need an easy, affordable, and simple solution. Explore why this should be a priority on your list to improve operations.

Are You Still Using Paper or Spreadsheets?

We hate to bring it up, but if you’re still using paper and spreadsheets to run your contracting business, we need to talk. It’s going to be hard to grow your business if you have limitations with tools. You may think you’re doing fine with what you have, but let’s be real—you waste too much time with these inefficient practices. You deserve better! Be more productive, keep employees in the know, and delight customers with contractor software.

What Features Should Contractor Software Include?

There are lots of platforms out there. Some are overwhelming and confusing. Others are barely better than a spreadsheet. The sweet spot is a solution that requires no technical skills, is cost-effective and eliminates manual processes. Here’s what we recommend for your “just right” system.

  • Job management and scheduling: With access to a dynamic calendar, you can drop and drag jobs on the calendar. You can then add descriptions and tags. Everything stays up to date and is accessible from any device.
  • Assignments and dispatching: Keeping employees in the know on their schedule is likely a pain point. Emails, phone calls, and texts may float back and forth. With software, you can assign jobs and dispatch your workers, so there’s never any confusion.
  • Inventory management: Need to track services, products, and materials? You can with a platform made for field service companies. This feature can boost productivity and standardize pricing and descriptions.
  • Estimate creation: Another essential functionality you’ll appreciate is the ability to create branded, professional estimates in a few clicks. The faster you can get the estimate to the customer, the more likely they are to approve it and book the job.
  • Customer database: A key component for scheduling and managing jobs is having customer information in the system. Opt for a solution that has a CRM that organizes all your customers’ data and notes.
  • Payment processing: At the end of a job, it’s time to get paid! Contractor software makes this fast and secure. Customers can pay on-site, or you can send them an invoice in a snap. QuickBooks integration is another thing to look for if you use it.

Build a Better Business with Contractor Software

You’ve already mastered your trade. Now it’s time to grow your business. The best way to do that is by choosing a platform that will support you through every step. That’s our goal at Service Raider. We aren’t just a bunch of techies. Our founders are field service company entrepreneurs. We took their knowledge and added some impressive technology to create our software. So, why not give it a try? You can start a free trial today!

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