5 Must-Have Features for Pest Control Business Software

Pest control is big business in the U.S. Consumers and building owners want their homes or buildings to be pest-free to avoid health, safety, and structural issues. The projected market value for 2021 is $16.9 billion. With the continued growth of the market and what it delivers, you have opportunities to grow your company. However, you’ll find it challenging to scale without pest control business software.

Such a solution can give you control over administrative tasks, financials, and more. If you’re currently using spreadsheets or paper to manage the company, you should certainly explore what technology has to offer.

So, what features will be the most valuable? Let’s take a look.

The Must-Have Features for Pest Control Business Software

Running your pest control company is likely full of pain points. What if you could solve them without enduring a large learning curve or investment? You can by choosing a platform with these features.

Scheduling and Managing Jobs

How do you currently calendar jobs? Does it involve a whiteboard? Lots of emails? Uncertainty? 

Without a dynamic system that populates jobs into a central view and advises workers, you lose time and productivity here. This is the core feature that will immediately eliminate manual work and provide complete visibility for all. 

Employee Dispatching

How often do you have to communicate employee schedules? Does anyone know where they need to be?

You can easily streamline dispatching with pest control software. Your field crew receives notifications and can quickly look on their mobile device to retrieve their schedule. The email and text back and forth can officially stop.

Customer Alerts

Do your customers know when your techs will arrive? 

It’s often the biggest source of frustration. While some visits are regular and don’t require interaction, initial appointments, inspections, and other jobs require it. With SMS messaging, your customers will know when to expect the tech, so the meeting starts on the right foot. 

Invoicing and Payment

Is it easy for customers to pay you? How long is the payment cycle?

Using invoicing software is a win for all parties. Customers can pay on the spot or through a secure link. That means you can remove snail mail invoicing processes. You’ll get paid sooner, which is good for cash flow. It all syncs with your QuickBooks account, too.

Customer Management

Do you have a central database for all your customers?

If not, then you’re missing opportunities to communicate with them. A CRM should be part of the tools in the solution you select. It can collect their contact information, notes, and past orders. With this data, you can personalize offers, such as sending out a special promotion for customers you haven’t heard from in a while. 

Pest Control Business Software Offers So Many Benefits

For any business to reach new heights requires a foundation and structure that makes it easy to manage. That’s what you get with pest control software. It helps you simplify operations so that you can focus on more high-level work. It’s easy to use and affordable, so implementing won’t take days. You can be up and running in a few minutes with Service Raider. Test it out today by starting a free trial. 

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