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Need a solution that’s easy, simple, and affordable? Our plumber software enables to you take charge of your business and keep things flowing.

Ensure there are no clogs in streamlining your business

Plumbers are fixers and doers. What you do every day is essential, but you probably have challenges with managing all the aspects of your business. Maybe you’ve tried other systems or try keep it simple with spreadsheets. There’s a better way with Service Raider and our plumber software.

Top Features for Plumbers

Client Notifications

Let clients know that you’re on the way to save the day.

Schedule and Dispatching

With our software, you can easily schedule and dispatch jobs in just a few clicks.

Invoicing and Payments

Take payments through the app at the job, or send customers an invoice in seconds.

"Service Raider saves me a good 2-3 hours a day just on paperwork"

Lindsay Franklin


field service software


Communication made easy

Advise customers you’re on the way. Then let them know the job is complete while automatically sending an invoice to get paid fast. You’ll also get internal communication notifications for things like QuickBooks errors and new jobs booked.

Team management

Dispatch jobs with ease

Our plumber software allows you to assign jobs to employees with a click. Then they automatically receive notification. There’s no back and forth via email, text, or calls. Plus, you can access everything securely anytime via the cloud.

Invoicing & Payments

Get paid faster

Invoicing and payments are a pain point for any business but not with our platform. You can collect payment on the job or use the platform to auto-send the invoice. You don’t need to take extra steps to make that bread.

Service Raider Offers the Easiest Plumber Software

Schedule and Manage Jobs

With our dynamic field service app, you can easily schedule and manage jobs. Add descriptions and tags to organize and track. Welcome to full visibility for your job calendar.

Dispatch Employees and Assign Jobs

Do your employees know their schedule? Do you still use written schedules or emails? Streamline and improve dispatching with our features. Define permissions for techs, too.

Send SMS Alerts to Customers

Your customers appreciate notice, and SMS alerts give them real-time updates that their tech is on the way. Proactive communication starts the interaction off positively.

Centralize Customer Info in Your CRM

Spreadsheets of customers aren’t sustainable for a growing business. Instead use a field service app that creates one hub for customer information and notes.

Get Paid and Integrate with QuickBooks

Streamline your accounting with invoice creation, credit card payment solutions at time of service, and sending receipts. A QuickBooks integration syncs all your financials, as well.

Create Estimates Quickly and Easily

Prospects need clear information on costs. Create professional, branded estimates in seconds with our template, ensuring you can quickly respond to customer queries.

What Clients Say?


Find quick answers to common questions.

With Service Raider, your accounting is always up to date without having to update your transaction manually.

With Service Raider, you can:

  • Sync your customers, products, and services as well as transactions for invoices and payments.
  • Push updates automatically to QuickBooks when Service Raider experiences change. 
  • Work seamlessly across QuickBooks, online and desktop. 

Chances are, it’s already in some stage of future development. The best thing to do is inquire about a status update.

However, we offer special features, including customized dashboards, advanced reporting, and more to select clients. Clients that qualify will need 10 users or more and are willing to sign an annual agreement.

Believe it or not, most of our customers are set up and ready to use our software on their own within a few hours.

Keep in mind, it all depends on how many users you have and (for example) how many services, products, and materials you need to create within the inventory management tool.

Our design strategy includes the pillar of simplicity; simple to set up and use, offering a quantum leap for productivity.

Here’s the best news of all, our tech support and onboarding help are FREE.
If you get stuck anywhere, just give us a call or drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to help get you going.

Simple. With the monthly plan, there’s no commitment to anything beyond the month. You can leave anytime you’d like, and there’s no balance due. However, it also translates to a slightly higher cost for month to month.

Why? We want you to commit to Service Raider for life….or at least one year. 🙂

We provide a price break if you sign up for at least 12 months at a time.

You don’t have to pay the full 12-months upfront; it just means you agree to a 12-month term, just like you experience now with most wireless providers.

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