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Estimating Enables Professional Proposals

Create estimates in Service Raider fast, so customers never have to wait. In a few clicks, you’ll have a branded proposal to send to a customer. We make it easy for you to impress with estimating features!

Prospects need clear information

Verbal quotes or those handwritten can cause confusion. This practice may reduce your profits or upset customers. You’ll never have to deal with this headache again. Formal estimates are ready in seconds, so everyone’s clear on the job and costs.

Branded proposals boost appeal

By using our estimating template, all you need to do is add a few pieces of information and bam it’s complete. With this professional touch, customers will see your company as reputable and credible, which could increase jobs won.

Estimate requests in a flash

Responding to estimate requests just got easier and faster. The time between request and submission of an estimate can make the difference in getting the job. Don’t let a slow process impact your ability to be competitive.

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Field Service Software Features that Change the Game

The basics of running your business can all happen inside our software. We had you in mind when we designed Service Raider. Empowering small businesses with functionality that fits your needs is why we’re here.

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