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Send Customer SMS Alerts

Customers appreciate a heads up when your techs are on the way. Customer SMS alerts are the easiest, most convenient way to accomplish this. These notifications pave the way for positive customer experiences.

Customers prefer texts

Let’s get real. Most people don’t answer the phone for unknown numbers. We do, however, pay attention to texts, no matter the situation. Don’t disrupt your customers; notify them via text.

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On the way removes frustration

What makes customers angry? When techs don’t show up on time! While this isn’t always avoidable, customer SMS alerts offer them accurate updates on when the worker is arriving.

Proactive communication delights 

Every opportunity you have to delight a customer is a chance to win a customer for life. With SMS alerts, your begin communicating before the job starts. You could see your customer satisfaction scores spike when you add this feature.

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Customer SMS Alerts: Good for You and Them

Service Raider’s features are all about field service pros and the customers they serve. Every component of our software can support your business and help you develop deep relationships with customers. Take it for a spin to see all the possibilities!

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