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Assign Role-Based Permissions

Each of your employees has specific roles. Some need visibility across the entire process, while others only require certain views. With the ability to assign role-based permissions based on their job, everybody gets access to what they need when they need it.

Types of users

When you add employee profiles to Service Raider, you can set their role, which also determines their access. Administrators have full views. Managers have more limited ones, and field techs only see the features that involve dispatching and jobs.

Change roles at any time

If an employee takes on a new role or more responsibility, you can quickly update their permissions. You don’t have to call us for support. Make changes whenever from wherever.

Permissioning ensures security

Not all employees should have access to sensitive information. With role-based permissions, you control who sees customer data and financial records. This functionality promotes data security and privacy measures.

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We developed a suite of features based on our experiences running a field service business. That knowledge means we’re in tune with what you need. Enjoy functionality that allows you to streamline processes, improve efficiencies, and grow your bottom line.

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